Poéticas del Objeto

Sculpture / Installation
variable dimensions

In a revisitation that alludes to relic exhibitions, curiosity showcases or anthropology museums, this surface is host to objects inspired by the authors’ subjective social ideas about today’s world. Each one comes from and is related to a social response idea, mood or attitude. Media, consumption, design, art history and, in general, capitalist policy debris come together in a joint narration via the information labels of each product.
For the opening, a live text action was held; an expanded product of the installation which was named “Un poema en cinco días laborables que no lo son” and was performed as a Spoken Word piece by the outstanding young Spanish writer Eloy Fernández-Porta.

Text by Alex Brahim curator of the show “ClaResil 2012mg”. La Capella, Barcelona

Poéticas del Objeto
Installation View at La Capella, Barcelona
All pictures by Pep Herreo