Polymorphous Row / Ephemeral Playground

variable dimensions

Museum Het Domein of Sittard (The Netherland) invited us to participate in the summer theatre festival (Zommerzone) in 2008. The designated space for the project was the main underground parking of the village.

Our proposal invited the audience to discover the waste of a closed-door action, which was held few days before the opening. Actors carried out some sort of individual actions, playing with arranged objects as cardboard, lights, paintings or TV monitors. The final installation turned to be the memory of the performance in a display of photographs, deserted objects and action traces.

polymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowpolymorphous-rowPolymorphous Row / Ephemeral Playground
Installation views at Zomerzone
(A project comissioned by Museum Het Domein. Sittard, The Netherlands 2008)