Let’s Perform Everything

variable dimensions

Using the video Performing the Scenography as a sketch for an installation proposal, we made into the recorded performance an arquitectonic prototype completely ephemeral. This proposal was staged in a more real dimension in a gallery in Miami in December 2007.

The walkthrough of the installation showed diverse actions which were activated once the staging was over, using the new space as a performative platform. Moreover it was projected the performance on the walls, it was written on them all the artistic references that helped us to create the idea and a display of sheets where it was possible to read and get the course and meaning of the whole project.

Performing the ScenographyPerforming the Scenography
Video – loop – colour – sound
lets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythinglets-perform-everythingLet’s Perform Evrything
Installation view at Luis Adelantado Miami (Miami, 2008)
lets-perform-everythingLet’s Perform Everything