Lightfall Post-Collage

variable dimensions

2º Ensayo Escultórico is a video where sculptural propositions are formulated around movement. For this they were used models of production based in body art, performance, arte povera, ideas of Yvonne Rainer, Robert Morris and other ways to develop sculptural shapes, never letting them in a static condition, as the artist body is the one who participates unceasingly in this dynamic way of production.

For the installation Lightfall Post-Collage these ideas were carried out in a complete different way, as the artist body was molded and hung as an object of classic sculpture. Texts and waste objects used in the process of creation of the video appear as well accompanying these ideas to give an new significance, it is by leading the collage concept, understood here as a conceptual way rather than something formal: as an installation piece.

2o-ensayo-escultorico2º Ensayo Escultórico
Video – 00:08:21
lightfall-post-collagelightfall-post-collagelightfall-post-collagelightfall-post-collagelightfall-post-collagelightfall-post-collageLightfall Post-Collage
Installation view at Centre Cultural La Mercè (Burriana, Castellón. Spain 2008)