15 minutes

Boxplot is a dramatized sculpture that takes place on a stage. A scene in which doubt is cast on creativity, originality, the working process and the temporalization of the artwork.

There are eight performers, two of whom are Aggtelek, while other six act as living sculptures. Dressed in white, they are reminiscent of a type of sculpture the group worked for more that two years.

The action is based in a white cube, an empty space where a choreography is performed, and where visual and acoustic assembly and destruction take place. There is a dialectical argument between the white characters and the members of the group. It deals directly with the artists and their work, and questions the independent nature of creativity.

Insistence is made on constant transformation, eclipsing the importance of the ultimate purpose of a piece, and emphasising that it is not the end of the piece that is sought, but all that happens on the immediate moment of the action.

Performing ARCO 08.
ARCO Art Fair. Madrid 2008