2o Ensayo Escultórico


Starting off with an aesthetics of accumulation combined with cleaning processes, this project is developed structuring cycles of life and death, construction and demolition, making of a multidisciplinary corpus an expanded projection of contaminated mechanisms. Mechanisms insofar as this work does not distinguish between processes and products, but rather presents itself as a continuum. Thus, contaminated beyond the development of pieces in certain hardwares, this project has not parcels to differentiate disciplines, but rather a space that unfolds so that they all adjoin, fuse, interact and superimpose or, as someone said before, explode.

2o-ensayo-escultorico2o Ensayo Escultórico
Video – colour – sound

Material-PaintingMaterial Painting (2o Ensayo Escultórico)
Collage on wood
180 x 300 x 4 cm. (5 pannels)