Real follows a narration based on the notion of man’s trace on the world. The image-objects are displayed directly on the floor, which acts as a possible extension of the empty field in the foreground of the photograph. The image-landscape is strewn with discarded waste from our consumer society, its physical presence extended into the realm of the gallery space with littered sculptural-image-objects. These works are an expanded collage within the venue, questioning the status of images and their representa­tion through two opposing approaches.

Beyond each object, Aggtelek has determined a series of life experiences in which the collector will play out the role of activator for the yet-determined stages of each work.

Aggtelek. Real. 2014. Installation of 9 sculptural images, each one related to one performative concept. Variable sizes and different venues. Visitors can get/purchase the sculptural images or the concepts, or both.